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1800 Miles To Nowhere - presale up now.

I don’t remember exactly when I met Diaz, but I certainly do recall hearing all about him. I heard the stories and I had watched a couple videos of his touring antics online before we ever sat down over a meal at Hot Doug’s. The rasp of his voice and his laugh are unmistakably distinct - along with the legend of his travels. I knew he worked for a bunch of bands, I knew he was in a bunch of bands, but mostly, I knew about the excess. About his journey, and about the genuinely good dude who was a total rager. 

And while he lived up to the hype, he was also more than just a one-dimensional “tour dude.” He had insight and a wisdom that comes from grinding away in the back of dank clubs and sleeping on too many strange floors. There was a quiet depth about him that you just couldn’t put your finger on. Like he knew the answers to a test he would never take. Diaz could tell you more about your hometown than you could, along with the best food and bars your parents didn’t even know about. And without showing off, could tell you about countries most of us would never visit even if we lived three lifetimes. 

When he started a twitter, I was amused. When he started a blog, I was intrigued… and when he laid out more than simple “tour stories,” well, I sent him an offer. 

Every now and then you come across someone that just HAS to write a book. As if it would be a slap in the face to humanity to not write this down in some form of permanence. And that’s what I wanted to do for him. I absolutely needed to publish this book - and what he produced was some of the most vulnerable, raw, and candid insight into a world none of us would ever come close to touching. More than antics and insanity - a manual of how to break down while keeping the lives of rock stars together. How to balance a decadent life with unwavering passion. Triumph and failure and triumph again - Diaz doesn’t fake it. He’s been there. He’s seen it. Been a part of it. And now, put it together all while naming names. And when he submitted the final writing I couldn’t have been more proud to see what he had put together. 

And now, finally, after almost a year - his book is available for pre-order. 

So get this before I receive the cease-and-decist letter from the attorneys. 


First 90 orders come with 11x17” poster.

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