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How being busy is the best fuck you.

There is distinct point in your life when you realize how fucking awesome you are and you want to make yourself even more amazing. You go from a “what can I get” to a “what can I become" mentality. Sadly, most people will never get there. But I’m not talking to them because I’m sure those lazy and selfish fucks gave up reading this blog back in 2005 and are comfortable in their complacency. But you guys are fucking intelligent, beautiful, charming, and forward-thinking individuals, right? Right.

There is a point when you start to read biographies because you want to learn about a life that is completely foreign to you. Or you find yourself watching less Mtv and more documentaries because the origins of starfish and red dwarf stars fascinates the shit out of you. You spend less time drinking and getting wasted and more time discussing ideas and plans. Or you find yourself playing less and less video games and more and more time writing, drawing, learning, singing, designing, plotting, or creating. And you realize that failure is a positive and motivating force no matter what your friends and family say behind your back.

Some of us begin this process at 15, some of us at 35, but most people will never do this at all. They will sit inside and accept what has been given to them and continuously complain about what they don’t have. They will flood your Facebook feed with passive aggressive entitlement and talk about how the blacks/women/homosexuals/liberals/Justin Bieber are taking away from their happiness while clearly projecting their own failures upon a nameless minority. Oh, you know the type.  

Point is this, if you’re there - if you are at that point where you not only want and desire but you crave this evolution, one that can’t seem to come fast enough, one that makes you wake up early because there aren’t enough hours in the day, you’re doing life right. But don’t get it fucked up. Being busy is not partying all weekend. It is not playing video games all afternoon. It’s not shopping and going to the movies. It’s not jerking off all day. It’s not downloading full seasons of television shows. It’s not sitting in your room listening to music. That’s not being busy - those are distractions. Distractions that waste minutes, hours, days, and years and keep you from putting in the work you need to become what you believe you can be. 

I know you get scared you’re wasting your time. We all do. You’re worried that you won’t ever become what you believe you can be. And that’s good. It means you still care. The only time you should truly worry is when you don’t care. Because that means you’ve given up. 

So if people complain that you spend far too much time studying - fuck em. If they complain that you travel too much or give too many gifts or take a stand for a cause or are always in the studio creating or that you’re never around to be the company to their misery - good. Good for you. 

Because you’re busy doing shit right. 

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    A bit caustic, but it gets the point across.
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    I think it’s not necessarily a bad thing to consume media just for the fun of it so long as distractions aren’t all you...
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